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Labour and Memory - Ukrainian-Canadian Contexts:

Ukrainian and Canadian history are intertwined through immigration, settlement, ...
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Sat. October 29th 2022 The ACT (All Ages)

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The ACT Arts Centre is a cultural hub for live entertainment...
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Ukrainian and Canadian history are intertwined through immigration, settlement, and displacement, with Canada having the largest population of Ukrainian descendants outside Europe. Reflecting on the current war in Ukraine, Canada is experiencing another wave of immigration from Ukrainians dispossessed of their homelands. Labour and Memory — Ukrainian-Canadian Contexts draws together three artists – Ayla Dmyterko, Sonya Iwasiuk, and Darlene Kalynka – whose work addresses individual ties to Ukrainian migration. The exhibition combines mediums of sculpture, installation, printmaking, books, and moving image to layer the past and present of Ukrainian-Canadian realities.

Solastalgic Soliloquy, Single-channel digital video, Ayla Dmyterko

Strong and Free?, Acrylic and cheesecloth, Sonya Iwasiuk

Delving into archival and family records, each artist reflects on the past and how it informs today’s social and personal contexts. Through sustained effort, the Ukrainian diaspora maintained many aspects of their traditions, yet all cultures change through time and circumstance. Raised in Ukrainian farming families on the Prairies, the artists now perform the labour of research and reflection to learn more about themselves and generations past. Each of the artist’s unique perspectives in Labour and Memory demonstrate the complexities of culture.


11944 Haney Place
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Labour and Memory - Ukrainian-Canadian Contexts @ The ACT Oct 29 2022 - Feb 6th @ The ACT

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